Women Suiting Trend and Baby Blue Color

Who says suits are only made for men? Ask them to rethink it again ;)

Suiting for women has become the new trend these past years. And it will surely l stay in trend for a while also. Wearing suit is less complicated than you think. It is perfect for either just casual street style and important events when you pick the right colour and accessories to complete the look. This is why we see more and more fashionistas pulling the suit off in many occasions.

In this blog, I am pairing two trends together in order to complete the summer look: suit and baby blue colour.

I already covered the suit briefly at the beginning, now let's talk baby blue!

Baby blue used to represent the bastion of late 90s pop culture. At that time, baby blue represented the colour of liveliness and youthfulness. Do not get me wrong, it still represents this concept nowadays. Recently, baby blue colour was resurrected by big brands like Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Erdem and so on. It was brought back to life on catwalks and on the streets during the fashion week, important awards, etc. Despite this, baby blue remains an icon of adolescent, airy and care-free. So, do not get scared away the bright color! 

Now, when these two trends, suit (classy and timeless) and baby blue (fun, young and carefree), they perfectly compliment each other in many ways. Let's have a look at some of combination that I picked for you. 


I also picked out a set of suit from Littlecutecorner, our online store, for you. The suit is from a Danish brand mbyM.

The blazer is pretty slim fit so if you are more of an oversized blazer person, I would recommend to choose at least a size or two bigger. The pants from mbyM have a slim cut and a twist on hem, which go very well with the blazer or to be worn alone with your favorite top.



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