How to style - Mix and Match

1. Top Left: Popstar Faux Dress - wear our Popstar Cotton Jacket and Popstar Cotton Skirt as a dress by tucking the jacket in and add a belt to spice up the dress. Wear it with Long boots
2. Top Right: Popstar casual night out - Pair our Popstar Cotton Skirt with a tight sweater (Classic Black Sweater) to emphasize your body shape. Go well with high heels or Ankle boots
3. Bottom Left: Popstar casual night out (warmer version) - add the Popstar Cotton Jacket so that you won't be cold ;)

4. Bottom Right: Popstar everyday look - wear the Popstar Cotton Skirt with any loose sweater (Bella Geometric Sweater) to keep your casual not too casual. Pair with ankle boots or sneakers

A Little Bit About Me:

I was born and raised in Laos. I moved here since 2012 for love. It is not easy to be away from home but it was also my choice to take on this challenge.

Anyway, I grew passion towards fashion because, like all of you probably ;), I love clothes and looking pretty. But I don't always have money to afford all those expensive clothes so try to be reasonable with what I buy and to be sure also that I buy something that I could mix and match with what I already have in my wardrobe. I am not gonna say that I am a creative one when it comes to mix & match ^^. But thanks to all the social media platform, I have started following beautiful people that influence me not only fashion but to believe and have confidence towards myself. I used to think that I am not pretty enough for that dress or I am too fat for that jeans. Well now, fxxk that, I wear what I want as long as I know I own the clothes I will own it.

Thank you for all the supports you beautiful ladies! xoxo

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