How to Rock Pantsuit

Suits have always been in the fashion industry due to its time-less, season-less look. This winter suits have lost "the stuffiness of the boardroom and getting more eclectic" - Vogue.

As commonly seen, suits are mostly worn by men. But this does not mean that women cannot rock these pantsuits. However, wearing pantsuit could be intimidating. It requires some styling and understanding on how to suit up and look beautiful and hot in it. Nonetheless, thanks to famous celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Cara Delevigne, Kristen Stewart, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham... who pull off on suit look on many red carpet events, giving us plenty of inspiration on different pantsuit looks for women, from slim fit to the embellish look.

Well, then how do we pull the pantsuit look off? We try to be short and precise, here are 3 simple ways to wear suits and look smoking hot, chic and classy:

1. For hot/sexy look on any occasion: The easiest way to add some sex appeal to the pant suit is to wear one without a top. Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Hart have managed to pull off this look. Important tip: "this look is more flattering for women with smaller bust lines and do make sure to wear some double-sided tape to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions" - Fashion Gone Rogue. Hair tips: this look is more appealing with loose hair. Another tip: if you do not want to go completely top less under the suits, try adding lace triangle bralette under ;)

2. Pantsuits for formal/business look: Suits are commonly known as most famous business attire for both men and women. In this context, we usually wear suits with shirt or high neck sweater that matches, add heels or leather loafers and handbags to complete this look. See some example from Angelina Jolie,Rosie Huntington, Emma Watson..

3. Get casual with suits: The pantsuit is usually reserved for a more formal event, but if you want to add a sporty twist to the suit, go for a colorful pair of sneakers like Cara Delevingne did with this Burberry suit, or Kristen Steward in blue suits with her Van sneakers.

The most important factor in pulling off any style is to believe in your outfit and be confident in what you wear. Wear it as it is made for you! Own it!

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